I was born in Madrid (Spain) on January 28th, 1983. Mother from Extremadura (Spain) and Father from Toledo (Spain). I’m the oldest sibling of 3 with separate parents. I went to the Public School Ortiz Echagüe in Getafe where I met my best friend Raul. My sister and I moved to Alconchel, Badajoz at the age of 9 years old where I started to developed my passions for new things as technology and the Olympic sport handball at CEIP Virgen de la Luz and IES Francisco Vera. My mother and my grandparent showed me how to chase your values and dreams. I was a notable student in all subject with remarkable teachers (Doña Dolores, Doña Encarga, Rafael and Gym teacher, much more…), except with my english that it was the harder subject. During my time in the small town I spent summers and holidays with my father and family in Madrid and different parts of Spain.


I moved to Parla, Madrid in 1999 when Spain changed the currency from Peseta to Euro. I lived with my father and half-mother and continue with my high education in Getafe. I got interested in Technology as well as Handball. Madrid had a different environment (“De Madrid al Cielo” - From Madrid to the sky) than the small town. I had to adapt rapidly to my new life. I’m not feeling proud but I could not pass the “selectividad” to go to the university, although I had to move forward and I specialized in information technology and develop software with an Association Degree at Enrique Tierno Galvan Institution. At the same time, I worked in an infrastructure company Eptisa as Auxiliary Technician and in the technology site, as well I continued playing Handball. My profesional career moved as technology support for a newsletter distribution company. Although, I become a handball coach in 2005 with Club Balonmano Parla.

When I'm in independence at 22 years old, my life change with new responsibilities and my two roommate in Pinto. In additional, I worked for the international company IMS Health (IQVIA) for 9 years. During that time, I was leading and developing data productions and innovated softwares with innovated procedures. As well, I meet my wife Kathryn from USA during her interchange abroad to Spain. She touch me the main values of a family.


In 2015, I moved to USA. This aventure was and is unique where I’m here now. Probably, as always we are thinking, the past is easy to remember, the present is the hardest to stay and the future is the uncertainty. But what I say “moving today is living tomorrow - #mtilt”. We need to keep moving to accomplish the next future goals.


I’m looking to develop new ideas with innovation, build the community of olympic sports with Sport Vibes for Tokio 2020, France 2024, and LA 2028 and still pending Madrid 2032. Being more specify, Promote and Develop Handball in USA, Philadelphia, Pensilvania, East Coast... and the rest of the world. As well Padel, another passionated sport. 


#mtilt - moving today is living tomorrow

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