Balance Innovation from an entrepreneur

To be or not to be... I meant to be an entrepreneur to execute an idea is a challenge as anything that we want to do in this life. Basically, a person with ethics, vision and a personally need to balance the different important aspects on his/her life: intellectual, physical, vocacional, avocational, financial, social, etc. Personally, I will recommend to read the book Your best year ever by Michael Hyatt to keep you focus and balance the different areas of the life. But how can we balance and engage, and live if you are entrepreneur in the real world?, or at least people consider you as entrepreneur, when maybe you don't want to be, and keep you serious for your work.

Accordingly when you manage innovation, progress and changes, we are able to balance your ideas and ideas from other people with a positive behavior, methodologies, creating ecosystems, working with legal and financial aspect, and empathy with people to resolve problem. The innovation has a lot good aspect but when you are in a pos

After engaging with people for different projects, bringing that energy that the teams needs and start to work to the right direction... you might have the question, when it's the time to jump to the next level? Basically, we need to ask to the right people, right group. The power of asking has an amazing influence for decade because it make us to think and evaluate ourself. For example, my mother said, all the path are going to Rome if you ask the right questions. If you think about it's true, maybe sometime you get the right transportation, other time you need to walk, etc. basically, we will not have a wrong or right answer, why? Well, this is deeply questions... but you need to evaluate what you want to accomplish. Probably, you will not be notice at the beginning but after sometime you will get it.

In conclusion, just think what you want, what it's the best for you and the people around you and be around with the people who like and love you. Because what ever it's happen in this life those are the people who it will support you yesterday, today and in the future.

PD: Do you want check out you life score base on Michael Hyatt? check the link

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