Cycles of the Experiences for BFTA = R

Belief + Feeling + Thoughts + Actions = RESULT

I stared so many things on my life and I believe I will start a lot of more. Although the adventures I'm having in the last years it cannot be express in words or images. I had good moments, bad moments, worst moments, moments that I want to forget (maybe not forgiven because we learn from them)... but all of them it had been with a purpose. Live the life with purpose and passion.

I have the belief that everything start from oneself, from the inside, when one person is confident with their thoughts and think that something can happen. These thoughts, having the idea and vision, of course this can be influence by other, complete the middle cycle of the your experiences. Once you believe in something and having the sensation it is time to convert into thoughts and positive actions. Saying that this actions have a good end with their own reasons and motivations... which one I "believe" they can be:

1. Extra income

2. Financial freedom

3. Own a business

4. Time freedom

5. Personal Development

6. Support others

7. Meet new people

8. Retirement

9. Inheritance

Once you know you motivations you can start opening and closing these cycle of experience. I "believe" that it's important to complete the cycles, it's not only to be in peace and go ahead, but it's also to get some results (the end goal of the above points) and success on this life with your arounds. These results could be the expected or not, although we always have a learning to support us and go ahead with the next cycle of the life.

In conclusion, the cycles are important to close to be in peace, although it's important the optimism that you have to face the next cicle of the life/experience. Probably, in the future we will talk more about the optimism, just smile!! That helps.

I would like to leave here a question and think about:

how often these cycle of experience last for you?

Thank for reading!!


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