Design thinking Methodology

Design thinking is one of the initial processes and mythologies in order to develop the innovation in your industry, market, company, organization and team. This process is similar as other like brainstorms.

Although as the title say, we are designers of our thoughts, it's not a rain of ideas. Also, we will allow us to validate the idea. Of course, this has some implications and commitments because we cannot resolve a problem in one day or one hour. Normally, this process take around 6-8 weeks for a group of 3-6 people.

How do you know that your idea could work? You need to create measures (KPI), tests, keeping in mind the end goal, and a commitment group looking for a solution. After, the idea has been tested, what it is going to happen?.... We keep doing what we are doing or we pivot!

Great!!! You have the idea, the process, and probably the people... once it has been identified's time to work... make a plan for the steps to execute, identify a budget to test it, and get some conclusion.

In case you want to know more about Innovation and processes, creare new projects, ideas... you can schedule time with Gabriel Ocaña, and ask for the Design Thinking presentation!!

Remember... Innovate or die!!
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