Initiate ideas with Credit Card

You had been working in your idea, you test different markets and you collect enough information. You get an initial business model that it could work and you want to test it but you don't financial yet.

How you can get it? Our life and our culture give us this possibility... why... because we like to help and support each other. On the financial/investment side, there are a lot of options. We can have some saving, we can ask our friend or family....Or we can get a credit card. There are so many out there with a lot good condition 0% APR, rewards, points, cash... Choose one and get it... Don't overthinking, select 2 or 3 options and pick one. That way it will help you to move forward and verify your case. Remember, you can verify a business model for less than $500... so please, be creative... and if you have any question... don't hesitate to reach me!!

Have a success day

Gabriel Ocaña

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