How can we be constantly when we have so many hats?

A while ago I made a decision. I want to put ideas to the world to resolve problem. I have a philosophy, you need to be strong internally in order to build a strongest outer world. I think this is one of the most powerful ideas and concepts, but it's not simple. I though it could be simple but easily you can get lost.

In my honestly and personal opinion, because I'm only one person. Anyway, How can we be consistent? We have to build a personal system, self-discipline, and trust in our self. Yes, we are going to make bad or good decisions and we are going to have doubts. But remember... we have the power to choose, on keep moving and think that we gain or learn.

Respect to the people around us, we are human, and for our nature we want to help others. Why? Because we take care each other... that is the most important. We have ideas, concepts, experience, knowledge... this world is really complicate because we have the option to connect with other, build cultures, build "things" and dreams, and it's almost a necessity. A lot people, say... I didn't learn that in school or colleges... why is that? We all help people in the easy way to understand concept, but the way to learn the life is living the life, day by day, and focusing in the joy.

In conclusion, we will have so many hats, roles... but a systems, a mindset, and people will help us to go through. We need to trust our gut and others. I will recommend starting reading "Your best year ever" by Michael Hyatt and as a second option "Super Attractor" by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Final recommendations: send a message to that person what you though during this reading and say something nice. It will pay forward!!!

Thank you

Gabriel Ocaña

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