Innovation as a Job

Who manage the Innovation? What is the innovation managers? Basically this kind of people manage those ideas and become real overtime. They are futuristic, Innovation strategist, Organizational developer, Innovation project manager... The top high position are Innovation Director, Chief Innovation Officer and Global Innovation Director where they create a Governance Innovation.

Their skills and knowledge on the topic are able to create a unique culture where they can create a change in the society. This position could be one of the most complex job and activities to execute due to each person has between 18.000-60.000 thought every day. (Ref)

The success innovator needs to act agile and keep in mind all the time the final goal and vision with their skills. The skills can vary depending of each person although there is main group of them like manage organization, project management, leadership, collective creativity, create processes and procedures for ideation, prototype and production.(Ref)

In conclusion, the innovator has an hard job and at the same time a creative on this current age. Where they are facing a success year 2020 with their ideas and the ideas of other.

Good luck!!!


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