Positivity in the Social Media

What is positivity? Is the opposed of negativity? To be positive or negative is an emotional status according to definition:

"The state or character of being positive: a positivity that accepts the world as it is"

Our emotions depend on us and the people around us. Some people are more positive than other, that can be true! But I believe on how we can create that positivity, creating with happiness, creating with other on our believes. When you are around people, when you accept people around you, you create something new, you create a connection that humanity needs.

How is this relative to the Social Media? We can be complain with social media with no privacy, the companies are collecting data for their own benefit, and much more... also we have the choose to use it or not. Although, We cannot avoid them and we need to accept the world as it is. We need to admit social media as just a group of tools. As any tool, we can use them for any kind use as the human being has been created since the beginning of the origins.

I'm not going to explain how to use these tools because there are so many courses, tutorials and great people on how to use on their potential (also every day changed). But I will say from my personal view, Social Media helps, supports, creates, etc. communities across to the world for everybody with just a device and a connection to internet. It could not be the great invention in the world, but it's something that help the humanity to continue growing.

Consequently, Social Media creates something that we need to manage. As any other tool or activity, we can be addictive to them for the good or bad used. When you are addictive is when you can generate the negative and overtime with devices instead with real people. Yes, technology is great amazing, but at the end we need to think what/who is creating this tools.

In conclusion, Social Media as a tool bring value to the universe and people who can accept as it is and keep moving. Think about the next picture, or video, or audio that you want to publish and don't do along... be with somebody else.

Share the positive with somebody else using amazing technology!

Thank you for reading!! You're amazing

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