Role of the of board of directors in Innovation

As any other indicative in innovation, we require a team which they are going to lead the innovation. One of the first person on board of the initiative is the CEO or the mean leaders of the organization.

How we can create the board?

  1. Define and Clarify the scope of the board's role.

  2. Review the company's innovation strategy in order to be aligned. This part is important because it's when we start with the home work: Participate in strategy discussions, communicate with the innovation organization thrusts to the board, be aware and managing internal and external risk, creating internal auditing...

  3. Once we did the home work, we will review and nominate the leader/CEO and the top management

  4. And last but not least, selecting and developing the board for an INNOVATION FOCUS.

NOW WHAT? Celebrate it with the team and keep working with the amazing group created and leaded by people with amazing ideas and enthusiastic. This was creates from one idea, which now it has been become real. Focus in the end goal, and manage the first innovate product/service to succeed.


#MTIL - Moving today is living tomorrow.

References: Innovation Governance by Jean-Philippe Deschamps & Beebe Nelson

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