Your Journey

What is a journey?

Definition: an act of traveling from one place to another.

The journey is a route, a line, or/and a roadmap from point A to point Z. Well, we can go to the point B before to reach Z, right?... There are small steps that we want to accomplish during the process. For example, this web site (my personal branding)... While ago... probably +5 years, I had the idea to create a place (a timeline) where I could be creative, share my experiences in the personal and profesional site, and at that point I didn't know but inspired others as well.

During any journey, we start with an idea, this could be in the shower, driving, when you are sleep, in a conversation, or when you are working... it doesn't matter... the humanity has the capacity to create and build new "things" and execute them.

Probably, the most exited about any journey is dreaming and thinking what it's going to happen at the end. But some people are dreamers, they just move from point B, to C, to D... and so on. We don't have a limit and we want just run and run and we don't stop. But during the check points, we made small decisions where it's going to mark our path. Here it's when have to stop and evaluate the risk that we are taking and keep in mind that at the end we will gain or learn something new. We will have the option to adapt in order to get that right path again with the people around us.

Looking back on my life, I had so many moments with the fortune to share them with really good people... I could not think a single one that they didn't inspired me to be where I'm now. The people around us is what it make us and it's what make our experience unique.

In conclusion, "short and sweet"... smile and be happy, and continue creating new moments with your near and new people!! :)

Everything gets harder if you start going on and on about how hard it is. By N.D. Wilson

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